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1- Assure that all presented credit files are complete and all related documents are fulfilled incompliance with company policies & procedures.

2- In case of New Grant &/or Limit increase:

– Prepare initial evaluation of credit clients referred to CAD team by customer service & Lease Relationship Management, define the main inquiries need to be fulfilled from the client and  propose suitable deal structure or rejecting unsuitable cases in compliance with the company`s policies.

– Conduct credit & site visits to the clients together with LRM, participate in any discussions with the client to finalize the preparation of credit proposals.

– Prepare historical spreading sheets for at least 3 years audited financial statements.

– Prepare Projection Scenarios that suits credit case to identify clients ability to service its debts.

– Prepare Transaction Risk Rating Model (TRR).

– Present full credit proposals which complies with the company credit policy and it should include all required data in terms of qualitative and quantitative analysis to the client) to assess client by RMD & credit authority.

3 – In Case of Annual Reviews:

– Assure to obtain all needed documents at least 2 months before expiry date to perform annual review for credit accounts on time.

– Conduct credit & site visit  to the clients participate in any discussions with the client to finalize the preparation of annual review report in case of any material changes took place .

– Test all terms and conditions related to credit approval.

– Update clients spreading sheets & TRR.

– Prepare annual review reports that includes relationship with the client, current position, summarized financial analysis.

 4- Gather & update raw data about industry sectors and transform such data into useful information.

5- Ensure that any policy exception is properly identified and that Credit package is directed to the proper lending authority for approval.

6- Assess risks existing in any transaction and its mitigates.

7- Preparation of short credit memos (amendments, waivers … ) .

8- Follow up accounts on a regular basis through follow up reports prepared by the CCD, interim spreading and financial comments and review to ensure the deal compliance approved financial covenants and to give senior management early warning sign if applicable.

9 – To present the credit cases within maximum 5 business days from receiving all needed documents/data.

10- Attend joint meetings with other leasing companies or banks in case of syndications or club deals.

11 – Organize Credit Files and regularly update them in co-ordination with the LRM in order to include all updated necessary documents (efficient filing system) concerning credit files, original copies.

12 – Filling original credit packages in safe cabinet. 

13 – Provide on-job training for trainees and new comers.

14 – Prepare department reports to direct manager that illustrates the following:

     – Current processed cases.

     – Unutilized limits

     – Due Annual Reviews

     – Annual Reports

15 – Scan credit cases on shared folder to other departments.


Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-08-08
Job Location: Cairo, Egypt
Job Role: Finance and Investment
Company Industry: Financial Services

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career

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